Feb 16, 2013

Weekend Edition #2

In this Weekend Edition we've got the week's post popular post on ujjayi vs free breathing which goes along with tomorrow's local conference theme on breathing in asana practice. 

You've probably noticed an abundance of food-related posts.  The topic has been big around here the last few weeks and rightfully so.  What we eat has a massive impact on how we feel and on our yoga practices (not just asana)...    

How Digestion Works includes a basic primer on your insides from one end to the other.  There's an infographic and short video, but there are also a couple of longer videos that you might find interesting that includes footage from a full-length Berkeley biology course.

A Strategy for Health "Many people confuse pleasure with happiness. This can be a big problem and can lead to some very unhappy results. It is imperative that we recognize the difference between pleasure and happiness."

How to Eat Right to Reduce Stress lists foods to include and avoid so we can stress less.

The Kind Diet explains how to transition to a kinder lifestyle, become vegan, and explore macrobiotics.  Really great and simple recipes as well as clear and digestible information.  And pretty pictures.

 Forks Over Knives gets you thinking about why and what you eat.  If you're feeling inspired to do some healthy cooking, head over to Going Home to Roost for plant-based dinner ideas.

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