Feb 23, 2013

Weekend Edition #3

"Stephen Theodore Schaffer, known to most as Shyamdas, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Goa, India on Saturday, January 19. He was 59. Namarupa has published a special 36 page issue containing an obituary, photographs and memories of Shyamdas and all the articles that Shyamdas ever wrote for Namarupa."  

 Download the special issue "Shyamdas :: In Memoriam" for free here.

“All forms of Yoga lead us to bhava – the enlightened, inspired state of pure being. Bhava creates in us a direct experience of the unity of all things. This journey of kirtan (sacred chant) introduces the subtle relationship between non-dual vision and loving devotion as the foundation for the yoga experience.” – Shyamdas (1953-2013)

This week we have conference notes from July 8 and October 21 as well as the appendix to our local conference which focused on breathing and awareness.

Kate O'Donnell writes from India on how waking up early for practice can bring the breathing to the spiritual and back again.

Meditations on food and practice continue with David Life's video on why diet matters and the conversation continues with Life and Sharon Gannon's discussion on the yamas and the connection to food.

T. Colin Campbell presents the science around why food matters and we end with a recipe for Super Easy Vegan Ice Cream and a thumbs up for The Yoga Cookbook.

May all beings be happy and free

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