Jul 23, 2012

Mexico Retreat FAQ: How to Get There by Elise Espat

We picked Xinalani as the location for our upcoming yoga retreat for many reasons including the fact that it is relatively quick and easy to get to.  Any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Book Your Flight
You'll need to book your own flight to Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR).
Look for flights that arrive at PVR before 4:30 pm on Saturday.
For your departure flight, find one that is leaving after 11 am on the following Saturday.
Once your reservation is complete, send us your itinerary so that Xinalani can make arrangements for your airport pickup service.
If you'd like to find a travel buddy, post on our retreat page on Facebook.
Note:  Please make sure we have confirmed your registration before you book your flights.

Airport Pickup Service
As the retreat dates approach, we'll email you detailed instructions about your pickup service.
You'll have a prearranged car that will take you and possibly some other fellow retreaters from the airport to the marina.  The ride is about ten minutes.  
Note:  VIP pickup service is included in the total price of your retreat. 

Banderas Bay Boat Ride
Depending on when you arrive, the boat might take you straight to Xinalani.  Or, you'll need to wait a little while for a few more fellow retreaters to arrive.  There is a little restaurant located in the marina where you can grab some tasty food and juices while you wait.  They'll take US dollars, however, you'll get a better exchange rate it you bring pesos.  
Once everyone booked for your boat ride arrives, off you'll go to Xinalani!  The ride is about 45 minutes.  We recommend wearing sun block for the ride and placing important items in plastic bags so that they don't get wet or ruined. 
Note:  This boat ride is included in the total price of your retreat.  

Arrive at Xinalani
Depending on weather, you'll either land on the beach or at the dock a little ways down the coast.  If weather allows for a beach arrival, be ready to get wet!  We recommend wearing shorts and easy to remove shoes.
If you arrive at the dock, you'll walk about 10 minutes through a small village to Xinalani.

Check In
You've arrived!  Retreat!

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