Jul 24, 2012

How to wake up for yoga by Elise Espat

A dose of encouragement and honesty for the doubtful.

The first thing to realize is that many other people (myself included) find the act of waking to an alarm incredibly painful.  It is okay to feel this way.  It is also okay to feel this way and wake up anyway.  Here is how...

In general:
-Keep a routine.  Whether you intentionally set one in place or not, you already have a series of morning rituals.  It is easy to do what is familiar, even if it isn't helpful.  At the beginning of a new routine, it will be difficult because it is new.  But as time goes on, it will become  more natural and perhaps even effortless.  The truth is it might always be painful, but never impossible.

-Join a community.  Being around other people who keep the same schedule will both inspire and challenge you to stay with the program.

-Never underestimate the power of eating well and keeping good company.

The night before:
 -Plan ahead.  Set out clothing and other things you need so you can get out the door (or onto your mat) quickly.

-Sleep well.  Having a solid night's rest makes waking up the next day much easier.  If possible, use your bed only for sleeping, avoid the pm caffeine fix, and unplug at least an hour before you hit the hay.

The morning:
-Never hit snooze

-Take a shower.

-Think happy thoughts.

-Brush your teeth & clean your tongue.

-Listen to positive, upbeat music that makes you smile.

-Avoid the internet, your phone, or anything else that will get you worked up.

So when do you start this new habit?  The clouds probably will not open up with a shining banner held by birds telling you tomorrow is the day.  You just make the decision to commit to it and that is all.  You don't have to be special, you just can't be lazy.  Waking up early is a practice.  It takes time and discipline.  There will be easy mornings and there will be hard mornings.  They come and they go and tomorrow is one more opportunity to wake up for yoga.

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