Dec 30, 2011

Video: Sri K. Pattabhi Jois on Ashtanga Yoga

I tried my best to transcribe the video below.  Suggestions welcome.

One method: yoga method.
(It's asana and pranayama and pratyahara.  This is all one type method.)

That's why yoga is important.
That is universal.
No one man - one man property.
This is not one man property.
This is [not] one country property.
This is universal, Yoga is universal.

Yoga not physically purpose, no.
This is internal yoga.
Internal cleaning.
Internal exercise.
Not external exercise in yoga method.
There is yoga - Yoga means you self knowledge you getting.
Self knowledge...
Knowledge - there is going yoga is taking that to go that way is taking going.
That is method.

That's where you start yoga.
Asana you start.
You do asana more asana, asana, asana, genuine asana.
Much asanas is there.
That asana you do.
Is giving very good strength and stamina
Your energy is increasing every day, every day, every day.
Your mind also is correctly standing [when] position is coming.
This is yoga method.

Abhyasa you can take practice, don't talk.
95% practice, 5% percent theory.
You know, now a-days people 99 and half percent theory, one half percent also no good practice.
That is very bad.

Discipline means you can take your practice.
First you stand - your stamina you give it first.
Your body strength you want to give it.

Body means - three type of body (external body, internal body, spiritual body).
Spiritual body...

That is three type of body strength you are getting.
That is giving strength only for the yoga practice.
With breathing systems with vinyasa all included.
So breathing is very important.

Without breathing not spiritual body is not coming.
Spiritual mind also is not coming.
That is very important in breathing.

Breathing means - you don't understanding.
That is why there is a method - ekam, dve, trini - that is vinyasa.
That's called vinyasa.
Inhalation, exhalation.
One type of time.
10 second, 10 second.
15 seconds, 15 seconds.
Inhalation 10 seconds.
Exhalation 10 seconds.
Inhalation 15 seconds.
Exhalation also 15 seconds.
Same method, you follow.

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