Apr 30, 2012


Real student questions...

Q: I don't know any of the series in order, I don't have a cheat sheet and I know Mysore is without instruction, how will I know what I'm doing?

A: Actually, Mysore is completely with instruction. Each student is taught a sequence of asanas appropriate to their individual abilities. Every day one comes to practice and repeats that same sequence of asanas until they are mastered. The teacher is always supervising and assisting as necessary. When the moment is right the teacher adds the next asana and the process is repeated. So it is not necessary to know anything on your first day. You will be taught what you need to do. You don't need a cheat sheet. Each person learns gradually. The only thing you need is a sincere interest and commitment to practice.

Q: 6:15 am is really early, do I have to show up right at 6:15?

A: Students are welcome to arrive at their convenience within the designated practice hours. What this means is that students may arrive for practice as early as six am when the doors open -- the teacher is in the classroom from 6:30-9:30 am -- and they must be finished by 10am when the doors close. So if someone has a practice of one hour, they must begin their practice no later than 8:45 am to make sure they are finished by 10 am.

Q: How long will I be there for practice every morning? (I need to know so I can plan the rest of my morning accordingly.)

A: Budget 45 minutes to 1 hour per day for your first month. It might be less than that, but it is good to have the extra time just in case.

Q: I'm a little overweight / out of shape / weak / not flexible / old / young / etc... Can I still do this practice?

A: Absolutely anyone can do this practice. Come as you are!

Q: What should I wear?

A: Close-fitting breathable clothing. Whatever you are comfortable in. Just be sure it is clean and fresh every day.

Q: What do I bring with me?

A: A yoga mat if you have one or you can purchase one here at the Shala. $30-$100 depending on which you choose.

Q: Do I buy a month at a time? Do I come everyday or is there a 3 day a week card?

A: Tuition is paid monthly. You'll receive the most benefit the more you practice. So try to come as often as possible. You take Saturdays, moon days, and the first three days of your period off from practice.

Q: What do I eat/drink before I come? Can I drink water during practice?

A: Try to arrive on an empty stomach. It is best to not take water during practice.

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