Jan 13, 2024

Where to start AT HOME (Ashtanga Yoga Led Classes on YouTube 2024)

 So if you want to practice and home or don’t have a local teacher etc etc here are some free YouTube videos you can follow along with…

Absolutely a Beginner / Ashtanga Newbie

I send these out to yoga-curious friends. Just try to do these 10 minutes each day and boom you now have a daily yoga practice. The class is taught by my teacher, Sharath Jois. 


Seasoned Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner 

This is for you if you have a Mysore practice. It is a recording of a full led primary series class with Sharath.


Those are my top picks. Really though, the best classes will be the ones that speak to you. Not everything or everyone is for everybody. Just find something that speaks to you. That’s the perfect class.

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