Feb 5, 2013

Local "Conference" Appendix

A few notes from our post-practice 1% Theory/Q and A on Sunday...

How long should I wait to eat after practice?
Your organs get a big massage each time you do your asana practice.  Try to be sensitive to what is really happening on the inside.  Are you eating out of habit or are you truly hungry?

Do I really have to shower before practice?  What if I don't smell?  Isn't that just wasting water?
You really ought to shower before practice.  If you feel guilty and that you are wasting water, the solution is simple -- become a vegetarian and better yet, vegan.

You can also help offset your pre-practice shower by using public transportation or riding your bicycle, using reusable grocery bags... The book and movie "No Impact Man" are pretty inspiring.  You might also find some good ideas here

Fear in practice?
As Sharath says, "No fear, no fun!"  :)

And anyway...

Is it weird that I am asymetrical?

What should I focus on while I practice?
Pick one thing - God.  Or the tip of your nose, or your breathing, or a happy thought, or your bandhas, or the vinyasa count... Pick one thing, because it all comes back to the same thing, right? 


  1. like the movie trailer....when/where available?
    thanks for posting.

    1. The DVD is available for purchase here

      And also on Netflix Instant View here


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