Sep 14, 2012

Mexico Retreat FAQ: Practical Matters by Elise Espat

Q: Do the rooms at Xinalani have electricity? 
A:  Yes.  From Xinalani:
All rooms have very low consumption LED bulbs that give a nice dim ambar lighting at night time, there’s also a reading area. Should you wish to read in your bed at night, please bring a book light or a head light. 
There are two 110 V outlets in each room to plug cameras, cell phones and battery chargers. Xinalani does not allow the use of hair dryers or other high intensity electric devices that could damage the electric installation.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi Access?
A:  Yes and it is free.  From Xinalani:

Wi-Fi is available from the reception/lounge area, the dining patio, the beach, the sundeck, and from most eco-chic suites (1-7). Eco-Chic Suites 14 and 15 do not have Wi-Fi coverage.

Xinalani is located in a remote jungle area with no road access, hence no land telecommunications. For that matter, we had to build a complex VoIP gateway from our office downtown to send the phone and internet signal to the resort. This technology is quite new and it's sometimes unstable, hence not 100% efficient. Don't expect to have the same Wi-Fi service reliability as if you were at your office.

Of course, every guest has different needs or responsibilities, but if there's no emergency, we try to encourage our guests to remain unplugged, it helps to detox and enjoy a deeper retreat and a greater sense of wellness through your retreat. During your stay at Xinalani, procure using the internet only with full awareness of what you're using it for.
For our retreat in March:
If you wish (no obligation) you can take a fast from social or all digital media, to de-frag the hard drive of your mind. There will be experienced, loving (and humorous!) support for anyone taking a media fast for part or all of this week, and for anyone who wishes to deepen their pranayama, pratyhara or sitting meditation practice.  

Q: How do I get pesos? 
A: You might not need any. Your retreat includes your accommodation, meals, yoga classes, taxes, and airport transfer. That only leaves any additional activities and excursions, alcoholic beverages, and gratuities - all of which can be paid in US dollars or by credit card (not AmEx) to Xinalani. If you spend time exploring the local area outside of Xinalani you will probably need some pesos. You can get them before you leave at your bank or once you arrive in Mexico at an ATM.  Xinalani will also exchange money for you.  Please note that there aren't any ATMs at Xinalani or in the area.
Here is an article that talks more about money in Mexico:

Q: What are breakfasts like? 
A: Abundant. Fresh and tasty. There is usually a buffet spread at Xinalani with items such as pancakes, muffins, yogurt, granola, fruit, oatmeal, beans, hard boiled eggs and more with a made-to-order option as well.
More about the cuisine & sample menu:

Q: Will we be able to leave our mats in the studio or should we anticipate taking them back to our rooms each day? 
A: It depends. Xinalani has 2 separate studios. The Greenhouse studio will be close to most of the palapas while the Jungle Studio will be a little uphill trek. Depending on the schedule for the day, we might be in one or the other. So while it is possible to leave your mats in the studios, it might make more sense to bring them back with you to your room. They do also have basic mats in each studio for you to use if you'd rather leave your mat at home. 
More about the studios:

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