Aug 18, 2012

Gheranda Samhita Online

"(Having closed the eyes) let him contemplate that there is a sea of nectar in his heart: that in the midst of that sea there is an island of precious stones, the very sand of which is pulverized diamonds and rubies. That on all sides of it there are Kadamba trees, laden with sweet flowers; that, next to these trees, like a rampart, there is a row of flowering trees, such as the malati, jati, kesara, champaka, parijata and padmas, and that the fragrance of these flowers is spread all round, in every quarter. In the middle of this garden, let the Yogi imagine that there stands a beautiful Kalpa tree, having four branches, representing the four Vedas, and that it is full of flowers and fruits. Insects are humming there and cuckoos singing. Beneath that tree, let him imagine a rich platform of precious gems, and on that a costly throne inlaid with jewels, and that on the throne sits his particular Deity, as taught to him by his Guru. Let him contemplate on the appropriate form, ornaments and vehicle of that Deity.” 
Full copy of "Gheranda Samhita" Translation and commentary by Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu

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