Mar 18, 2013

Satya (The Yoga Comics)

Many times on our walks, complete strangers will come up to us, scoop up Maple, and kiss her on the mouth... Maple will lick their lips and they love it! I think it is so gross because I know exactly where her mouth has been... her privates, cat poop, garbage, dead birds. I don't encourage the kissing and I think about stopping them, but they are just so happy sharing the love.

Satya -- speak the truth but only if it is sweet.

Satya means "to speak the truth," yet it is not always desirable to speak the truth if it harms someone unnecessarily. If speaking the truth has negative consequences for another, then it is better to say nothing. The Mahabharata says: "Speak the truth which is pleasant."

Story by: Elise Espat
Edited by: Jessica Walden
Cartoonist: Boonchu Tanti, Ashtanga Illustrations by Boonchu

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