Jun 26, 2012

How to clean your yoga mat by Elise Espat

Revisiting an essential topic.

  • Clean your feet before practice. 
    Much easier than cleaning a mat.

  • Use a rug over your mat. 
    Much easier than cleaning a mat, just pop the rug in a washing machine or hand wash.

  • Wipe your mat as dry as possible post-practice. 
    Makes drying time faster.  Much easier to prevent bacteria than to eliminate it.

  • Hang your mat to dry completely everyday post-practice.
    Much easier to prevent bacteria than to eliminate it.

Weekly/As needed
  • Wash your rug. 
    If you do not use one, wash your mat.

Once per month/As needed

  • Deep clean your mat.
    Check out the Eco Yogini for green tips on how to wash your mat and a recipe for an anti-bacterial spray that you can make at home. To expedite the drying process (from Wai Lana):
To dry your yoga mat, lay it on top of a dry towel and tightly roll mat and towel together like a cinnamon roll. Squeeze out excess water by pressing with your hands or feet. Unroll and hang to air dry.
The ingredients in these DIY sprays tend to be similar (vinegar, water, witch hazel, tea tree, etc.)
Note:  If you have a Manduka mat (from Manduka):
We recommend using Manduka Mat Renew or any non-solvent household cleaner and a damp cloth or sponge. Hang to dry in the sunshine. DO NOT clean your mat with the garden hose, put in the bathtub or shower, or put it in the washing machine- it may break the machine and ruin your mat!

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