Apr 8, 2013

Yoga Comics: Isvara Pranidhana

"Awaken isvara pranidhana...especially when Sharath is counting soooo slooooowly during these three postures. Surrender and feel the inner strength expand (even as the outer strength diminishes)."

Isvara pranidhana means surrendering to the supreme soul, or worshipping God. Isvara is the purest form of the soul, not unlike samadhi. Once you surrender to isvara, to the divine, there will be no delusions. The yoga practice is a spiritual practice - not just doing exercise - it is striving to attain spiritual knowledge. First you surrender to the guru, then to the teachings. Only then will isvara pranidhana come. The more you think of God, the more you become attached to the divine, providing inner strength to deal with the uncertainties of life and with samsara.

Via The Yoga Comics

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